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Indian Dynastic Democracy

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Additional Solicitor General of India Shri Gopal Subramanium, disappears from subsequent proceedings when I filed Review Petition  against the Order passed by Bench headed by Hon'ble Acting  Chief Justice Mr. Vijendra Jain in my Writ Petition against Union of India on the issue of Allegiance to Constitution of Italy of Smt. Sonia and Shri Rhul Gandhi, when I filed my correspondence with him to justify that he betrayed me at the cost of the professional ethics, to protect the interest of Kolkata Land Mafia.

In view of my experiences, an important question of national interest arises whether appointment of the Attorney General of India and Additional Solicitor General of India are appointed to protect personal interest or the integrity of proprietary of the Constitution of India?  Please read my Letter in this Website at page : milonBanerjee

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