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Indian Dynastic Democracy

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Delhi High Court's Bench headed by Hon'ble Acting Chief Justice Mr. Vijendra Jain, passed the Order in my Writ Petition, overriding the Supreme Court Ruling that No Court in India can take Judicial Notice of the Foreign Law.

I filed a Review Petition, but when this matter was supposed to be heard by the Bench headed by Hon’ble Acting Chief Justice Mr. Vijendra Jain, rather he preferred to disburse the Court for the day. Details have been mentioned in Complaint and Reminder before Hon’ble Chief Justice of India. And in the meantime he was appointed as Chief Justice of Punjab and Haryana High Court. Similarly, Mr. Justice Swatantra Kumar was appointed as Chief Justice of Mumbai High Court within 15 days, from the date of  Order passed to dismiss my Review Petition.    

There is need to enquire whether appointment of the Hon’ble Mr. Justice(s) Vijendra Jain and Swatantra Kumar, as the Chief Justices of Punjab and Haryana High Court and Mumbai High Court respectively, have been made to gratify them, for their Orders, which Bench(s) headed by them, which they passed in serious violation of the Supreme Court Rulings in my Wit Petition filed against Union of India and Smt. Sonia Gandhi and Shri Rahul Gandhi?


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